Dainese Axial Pro In Boots – Black


Top of the range race boots

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Dainese Axial Pro In Boots – Black


The Axial Pro In boot is the maximum expression of the Dainese technology and experience applied to a boot that offers the wearer the highest levels of safety, comfort, and functionality during riding. Made in a combination of Lorica®, D-Stone™ fabric, and crust leather, on the inside it vaunts the D-Axial system in Carbon and Kevlar® developed to reduce the risk of the twisting of the ankle and provide greater protection in case of impact in synergy with the sole with the shock absorption heel and the steel insert at the heel.
Stainless steel sliders and nylon toes and outsole offer the rider additional elements of safety. Equipped with an inside tightening strap that helps avoid fracture and the sliding off of the boot and the possibility for fastening to the inside of the pants, this boot becomes a perfect whole with the suit in order to reduce the risk of getting caught on foreign objects in case of fall and to improve riding precision thanks to reduced dimensions, lower weight, and better aerodynamics.

  • D-Axial jointed anti ankle twist back system in carbon & Kevlar
  • Nylon Toe
  • Polypropylene insert behind Tibia
  • TPU Heel counter
  • Nylon Heel
  • Metal Inserts on heel
  • Shock absorption insert on heel
  • Strap on top of foot
  • Lorica Uppers
  • D-Stone fabric
  • Split leather inserts on the internal side
  • Elasticated bellows
  • Internal regulation with Velcro
  • Closing with zipper on back
  • Double jersey air gap liner
  • Suit to boot fastening system
  • Padded insert for gear shifter guard
  • Soft inserts
  • Setscrew wrench supplied
  • Non-slip sole with differential design
  • Replaceable Stainless Steel Slider