Aqua Blasting Parts cleaning

Aqua blasting cleaning services. A great way to deep clean and refurbish larger motorcycle components

It is very efficient process for renovating non ferrous motorcycle components as it’s non aggressive and will give parts a fantastic clean satin finish

The Aqua Blasting machine mixes fine glass or ceramic particles with water, which is then sprayed at high pressure onto the components. The process is ideal for crankcases, rocker boxes, carburettors, cylinder heads and barrels, engine covers, motorcycle wheel hubs and anything else that will fit into the large capacity cleaning chamber

When the cleaning process is complete your component will be carefully rinsed and blown dry. An oxidation inhibitor (ACF 50) is applied to help prolong the enhanced appearance for an extended time period

Aqua Blasting -
examples and results

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Ultrasonic cleaning services. A great way to deep clean and refurbish motorcycle components

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses high frequency sound waves which are radiated through liquid. The sound waves pass through the liquid and create microscopic bubbles The action is similar to that of a scrubbing brush, but thousands of times a second per cubic centimetre.This process gives a powerful cleaning action and makes it the most effective method for removing contaminants from motorcycle components with complex shapes. Cleaning detergents can be added to the liquid to intensify the process and further help remove the dirt.

Ultrasonic cleaning offers a number of benefits over alternative methods. The process is much quicker, environmentally friendly and very efficient at cleaning hard to get to areas of the component, reaching into the deepest and smallest spaces.

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly useful for cleaning items such as injectors, carburettors and brake calipers

Ultrasonic Cleaning - examples and results

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Please note: *All parts must be clean of oil and grease with any paint removed, carbs must be stripped. All bearings/seals must be removed. We offer a cleaning/degreasing and prep service at an additional cost